Frequently Asked Questions

Does Yako Voice provides hosted IVR service.

Yes, we are one of the biggest cloud telephony company in India have our own cloud infrastructure.

Does Yako Voice IVR support dynamic API call to third party application?

Yes, you can call any third party API and store response in local variable to take any desired action in next stage.

I am new to online IVR. Can I design my IVR of my own?

Yes, it’s very simple. We have drag and drop design studio. You can design your IVR in less than 3 minutes. No technical background knowledge is required. We have a video presentation available for same at “Watch Video“. If you still face any issue, my team will take a screen share session and design your IVR remotely.

I want a professional voice file with Welcome tone for my IVR.

We do provide good quality voice recordings, recorded by the professional voice artist.

What are the charges for good quality voice recordings?

It depends on the duration and number of voice prompts. You can discuss your requirement with our account manager.

What should be voice file format and size?

Currently, we support only MP3 file format. Maximum length up to 3 MB is supported.

Do you charge for incoming call ?

No, We do not charge anything for an incoming call. However, in case of Toll-Free number (1800 Series), where reverse billing is applicable, you are billed for the incoming call.

What is outbound call?

It is an interaction between a caller and your representative after the welcome tone is played and the desired menu is selected.

Do you provide any default welcome tone along with IVR number?

Yes, you can contact your account manager for same. In fact, you can record your own voice call.

How many extensions can be added?

You can add maximum 9 extensions.

Can I create different departments and assign agents for each department.

Yes, for the purpose of segregation you can create multiple departments and assign multiple agents to any given department.

What happens to calls, which are received after working hour.

You can always set a pre-recorded voice prompt for after hour calls. A notification mail can also be configured.

Can we re-direct any call to Voice mail?

Yes, it is possible to re-direct any call to voice mail. A link to the voice mail is sent to your email id.

Is it possible to record all conversation for quality improvement?

Yes, you can enable/disable call recording for your IVR. Contact your account manager for same.

Can we notify callers after getting call on our IVR number?

Yes. You can configure auto-reply SMS against every call.

Can I capture all missed call received on my IVR.

Yes. In case no agent is responding to any inbound IVR, call disposition will be set as Missed Call.

Can I use services before uploading KYC documents

You can use our demo account to try our services. KYC document is mandatory as per TRAI to start using IVR services.

I am looking for multi-lingual and multi-level IVR platform?

Yes. We do provide multi-level IVR platform.

Can I get log reports for all incoming calls?

Yes. You can find detail CDR for every call.

What is duration of pulse?

30 Seconds for PSTN/Mobile calls.

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